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Information for HLR Look-up

Precise SMS HLR lookup service helps you send a "database query" and receive the following information:

• Is the number alive – determines if the number is in use - some people close their mobile contracts or stop paying their phone bills.

• Is the phone number in use – determines the phone number status – in some cases people have more than one SIM cards from different countries. For example, a UK subscriber has his own German number, but only uses it when he visits Germany

• Who is the current mobile network / mobile operator – determines to which mobile provider a particular mobile number is subscribed. Often consumers change their mobile service providers, for example a Vodafone subscriber can move to T-Mobile but keeps their Vodafone number.

• Is the number in roaming – determines the roaming status of the mobile subscriber. ‘Roaming’ refers to the extending of connectivity service in a location different from where the mobile service is initially registered.

• Where the phone number originates – determines to which country the number belongs. This information is generally accessible, but because every number begins with a short code, HLR will identify the country. For example, a code beginning with +44 is a UK phone number.