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Q. How much does it cost to send a text to a PreciseSMS number?

A. The same cost as if they sent it to a normal UK mobile number. If they receive free texts as part of their mobile package then the texts they send you will cost them nothing.

Q. If I receive a message by e-mail can I reply straight back?

A. Yes you can. The e-mail you receive also contains a reply form which allows you to send a text message from within your e-mail system.

Q. How do I know who the message is from?

A. Every incoming message includes the senders’ mobile number and, if you have the sender set up in your contacts list, it will also include their name as well.

Q. Why do some adverts on TV and in Newspapers ask you to text a specific word to a telephone number?

A. These are called keywords and they allow businesses to automate the process of supplying information to or receiving information from their customers. PreciseSMS has been at the forefront of keyword technology and every package comes with the ability to create as many keywords as you need - extra keywords maybe purchased added to your account at any time.

Q. Can I send the message to multiple people at the same time?

A. Yes. Our contact management system allows you to set up contact groups which means you can create a single message and send it to all of them at once.

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